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Daily Replenishing SPF 30+

Protect skin from sun damage while repairing past damage. Non-comedogenic,  safe for all skin types. Absorbs quickly into skin, leaving a matte airbrushed glow.


Salicylic Face & Body Wash * Best Seller*

Regulate cellular renewal and maintain healthy complexion:

Made with 2% Salicylic Acid – the maximum FDA-allowed level for non-prescription products—to effectively remove excess sebum, debris, and make-up. Balanced with gentle cellular exfoliating botanicals to promote a healthy skin barrier function and maintain balanced oil production.


Secrets to Great Skin

The two most important steps in every basic skin care routine is a good antioxidant and a good sunblock. A basic skincare routine has four steps for the day. Cleanse, treat (antioxidant), moisturize and protect (sunblock).  And three steps and night, Cleanse, treat and moisturize.

1. Cleanse:

The cleanser doesn’t need to be expensive. It just needs to be targeted for you skin type. If you have dry skin a cream cleanser or a mild exfoliating cleanser, for product penetration is best. Normal/combination skin types can use a gel or cream cleanser. For oily or acne skin types a cleanser with Salicylic or Glycolic works great.

2. Treat:

The treatment product should be a antioxidant for the skin. This is one of the most important products for the health of your skin. A topical Retinol is great for cell renewal. Vitamin C products are also great to protect the skin from photo ageing and sun damage.  Green Tea Anti-oxidant Serums offer free radical protection and protects the skin from damage.

3. Moisturize:

Moisturizers can ease the discomfort of dry or taut skin. And will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Oil free or a skin clarifying moisturizers are recommended for oily or acne skin types.

4. Protect:

Sun protection is a must. The sun emits harmful UV rays that cause photo-aging (wrinkles, hyperpigmentation) and even skin cancer. Chemical free sunblocks are safe for all skin types.

Article by Active Skin Care Studio


Lavender Creamy Cleanser

Lavender Creamy Cleanser is formulated with Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil and Aloe Vera to soothe skin while replenishing moisture. Designed for use with water or as a tissue-off cleanser.


Men’s Skin Care News

Men’s skin care is more popular than ever. In 2012 the term “metrosexual” is becoming obsolete. It used to refer to a specific type of man. Usually a urban man who spends a lot of time and money on his appearance. Metrosexual is a neologism derived from the word metropolitan and heterosexual.

Today all types of men are taking care of there skin. Urban men and suburban. Men are especially drawn towards cleansers, moisturizers and eye creams to keep their skin in healthy and looking it’s best. Skin care companies have caught on to the trend and are branding products to be more masculine or unisex.

Men’s grooming is one of the fastest growing markets. Sales of men’s skin care in the U.S.have seen their best growth in several years. The analysis is the same at Mintel. The Chicago-based research firm forecasts sales of men’s toiletries in the U.S. to hit $3.2 billion by 2016.

Article by Active Skin Care Studio


Conditoning Make Up Remover

Conditioning Make-Up Remover quickly & easily removes all traces of make-up from the eye area and face. This non-irritating, gentle formula combines Hyaluronic Acid & antioxidant Vitamin E to condition and protect skin.